Harmoonikum’s cookery courses


You can learn how to make healthy foods in Harmoonikum’s cookery courses. The courses start at 6 PM an last about 2 hours.

Price 20€


Cookery course ”Real Estonian food”

Modern theory say that the most healthy and suitable food is food that grows within 100 km from a person’s residence.
You can always treat yourself with some exotic fruits, but our body really doesn’t need them. One can make really delicious foods, both simple or refined, from Estonia’s raw materials. Estonia’s food is pure, full of good things and most suitable for an Estonian.

Cooking course ”Real Estonian food”

  • … gives one an opportunity to discover a few forgotten Estonian foods
  • … explains HOW they are made and WHY should one make and eat them


  • Salt beans and fresh peas
  • Soup of the season
  • Barley scone with egg butter
  • Oat flummery with salted meat
  • Soir
  • Rye bread kvass
  • Kama foam

Babygurmet aka healthy baby food

Growing children need a lot of nutrients for normal development. Nowadays the food sold at stores contains chemicals, hazardous to health. But chemical-free foods aren’t always nutritious. Intensive cultivation is often of poor soil trace element; agricultural products may not meet all the needs of an human body.


The best food for both adults and children are clean, freshly prepared, and the pH-balanced homemade diet. Babies are not astronauts; they do not have to eat only canned food. Powders as well – it are scientifically proven that milk powder is different in a pH level than natural breast milk.  They need to be recognized and avoided.


  • In the workshop we will talk about the good bacteria in the gut and skin, and the child’s  relationships between emotions and health and of course about what is healthy and what foods should be avoided.
  • Rehabilitate Estonia’s vegetables and legumes, recalls those magnificent abilities. We will talk about milk, butter and oil.
  • We will  prepare healthy and delicious (also pH balanced) drinks, purees, porridge, soup and cookies.

The mother is primarily responsible  for child’s nutrition habits development and diet
And after all, mothers love their children!


Cookery course “Making an amazing soup”

Soup of the healthiest dish. Broth and vegetables – the best combination. It must be properly prepared, so that the soup doesn’t taste watery.  There are many  simple tricks that can make a soup taste perfect.

In this course we will reveal the secrets for a delicious soup:

  • What are the common mistakes of making soup
  • Making of the soul of soup-how to prepare, storage and use
  • Real soup vs. cubes
  • What are the ”innards” of nature

We will also go trough of the healing properties  of various fruits and vegetable, their effect on the body’s pH levels.

We will make meatballs and meatball soup, thick soup and velvety puree soup.

Cooking course “Preservates one way and another”

Strawberry season might be over, but we can still find out answers to many questions:

  • Whether it would be better to Fermented or pickle cucumbers?
  • What to do with apples – jam, juice, puree, compote?
  • The best ways to preserve mushrooms
  • How to solve the spate of zucchini?
  • etc.

Cookery course “Foods from weeds”

If you go to an asa or forest then you should keep a look out for the plants. A lot of them are full of vitamins and provide a nice meal. It may seem incredible, but the number of weeds in the garden that grow as punishment, can greatly supplement our diet. Why should you buy expensive supplements that contain the same substances as the plants from the garden, asa or forest.  In addition, everything natural is more absorbable in ogranism than industrially processed substitute. Because of that, we will talk about most common weeds and their use in foods. This time we will be looking dandelions, nettle, bear coot and goutweed

In this course we talk and show you:
  • How are they useful for our body
  • How to prepare them for food
  • What kind of delicious food can you make from them

To convince the skeptics we will do a tasting. Finally, each participant will take home recipes.