Healthy Cookies

Sometimes one gets a need to snack on something. If a person eats a candy, then the blood sugar spikes for a moment, but our body doesn’t get much of anything else. When we eat a piece of chocolate, then the situation is a little better for the body. The sugar in chocolate absorbs more slowly, in addition we get a feeling of happiness. But it doesn’t stay for too long.

The most efficient and healthy way to satisfy a hunger is eating a cookie. A real cookie is made of butter, eggs, and whole grain flour. Cookie like that is hard to find from a store.

A cookie like that will delight your body for a long time: Long grain bulk takes time to digest, the sugar and butter will be used nicely for this process. And what is important, everything is healthy and good for you, because we do not use at all the old enemies like white flour and hydrogenated vegetable fats. Both mothers and children can feast on these cookies. No harmful substances, only useful. Incidentally – the children love the taste!

In this workshop we will be making kama cookies, energy crackers and seed plates. We will talk about what kind of raw materials  to use, how to decorate, cook and preserve them.

PS. Why not make it a child friendly evening-if you have a child who is interested in baking in a right age, bring him/her along! We do not charge separately for children.

Course lasts: 1,5 h
Price: 20.- €

To participate call us +372 53081188 or send us an e-mail