Smuuthie-making workshops

Smoothie isn’t just a drink. Smoothie is a healthy food that is suitable for every occasion. It can be served for breakfast or a snack. Smoothies are respected by vegetarians, athletes, children, pregnant ladies and elderly.

In this workshop we will prove that making smoothies isn’t difficult and doesn’t take a lot of time. However there are some tricks, which are good to know that the result would be tasty and healthy.

We don’t need expensive and sophisticated technique, a blender or hand blender is more than enough. We don’t have to use exotic fruits but we will use lots of vegetables, herbs, berries and other healthy components.

In this workshop we will give comprehensive overview of the smoothie making components and their amazing qualities. We will talk about smoothies from a nutrition poin of view, what are the good components,

Of course we will taste different smoothies. Each participant will take home a collection of recipes plus a good chunk of inspiration.

Price: 20.- €
Young people, under age 18workshop half price!

  1,5 tundi

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