In our restoran You can just have a lunch or order a festive dinner. We have different menus witch are referring real Estonian traditions. We are using mainly local products, real butter and free range eggs.

“Ugri-mugri” is an acient Estnian menu. We have sofisticated the old recipes but the indigrients and the soul of the food is still there.

“Golden times” is the best of our traditional menu. Here are the top tastes beloved by our grannies.

“The Seventhies” is a  nostalgy -  potatosalads, herring and pork, menu, what was on all festive tables in every Estonian home.

“General Laidoner Ladies dinner” – obeisance to our manor host and great family repressed in 4oties by occupants. This food needs long preparation and is so good – something worth to experience

Our daily menu

Tue-Sun 11-20

Order +3725131202 min 1 our advance


Healthy salad  of the day            5.-

Marinated fish in North-Estonian way  4.50

 Loaded meatsoup    3.50

 Vegetable soup   3.-

with local bread and butter


Grilled meat and vegetables

Chicken breast with apple-ginger dressing   6.-


Tart of the day        3.50

Hot lava cake with berries     4.50

Pancake   with dressing   4.50ene 001-w500-h600

(honey, jam, fresh berries, yoghurt)


Smoothie with yoghurt and berries      4.-

Smoothie with pollen      4.50

(black currant, rapsberry, organic yoghurt, apple juice, honey, fresh pollen, a drop of hempseedoil)

Juice      1.-

Organic whole milk      1.-speltaküpsis-w500-h600

Coffe /milk         3.-

Herbal tea/honey        2.-

Biscuit            -.20

(nettle, calendula, spelt or seed)

Organic wine   3.-/glass