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Give yourself or to your loved one a dreamlike experience that restores vitality, releases stress and expands the horizons.

Day-spa treatments are combined of different well-being services – bathes, scrubs, brushes, and massages, body wraps – all of which serve to support and complement each other. Body wraps and bathes use the fresh fruits of pure nature, also all the aromatic oils are natural. The finale is always the same regardless of the package –relaxation in front of the fireplace with herbal tea or refreshing drink.

Glamorous Bath for Girlfriends


120 min, price 160 € for 2

Take a day for yourself to feel as the most beautiful, desirable and intelligent woman. This day is the most enjoyable with your best friend. You and your girlfriend will enjoy the relaxing environment of Harmoonikum with the soothing hot stones treatment for feet, fresh fruit treatments for body and vitalizing massages with aromatic oils. In between your treatments you can enjoy a cup of tea. The glamorous day will end with the healthy meal and a glass of organic wine. All the ingredients used in the treatments are made by Harmoonikum. You will also get a special Harmoonikum beauty elixir as a gift.

“The Secret of Eternal Youth”

This line of treatments is vitalizing. Gentle scrubs, moisturizing wraps and baths rejuvenate your tissues and restore the basilar membrane elasticity. Pampered body supports your brilliant mind!


BMadame_Recamier_-_Jacques_Louis_Davidody treatment “The Secret of Eternal Youth”

90 min/ 110.-€

It is a dreamlike experience that expands your horizons and restores your vitality. The preparation for this amazing treatment begins hours before. The room is cleansed and enriched by the aroma of rose petals. Oats extract is poured to settle, the crèmes and wrap mixtures are being stirred. Dry brushing will help your skin to breathe. Your body will get a perfect touch in the rose-honey bath, thorough massage with exhilarating rose aroma oils, nourishing and moisturizing shea-butter wrap smoothing your skin and wrinkles. The head massage and cornflower eye-compress will lift your spirits. As a final touch a Kneipp shower will invigorate your body, clarify your mind and open your spirits – the whole beautiful world will fit onto your palm.

“Relaxing and Beautifying Treatment for A Special Lady”spa-talTV

90 min/120.- €

This treatment will enhance the irresistible charm and unique beauty of your lady. The treatment will begin with the floral bath accompanied by the sounds of forest spirits. After the initial scrub a body and facial mask will follow, which will be prepared according to the lady’s wishes and secret desires. While the mask is taking its effect, it’s time for a head massage that will diminish all your daily worries. The following deep face and body aroma massage is unspeakably relaxing. Sitting in front of the fireplace after the treatment and enjoying your aromatic drink will give you a perfect chance to think about your prince.


In this line of spa treatment the goal is to deep moisturize and invigorate your body as well as brush off your exhaustion and stress. It will improve your immune system and circulation as well as restore the vitality of your body.

PageLines- IMG_7563.jpgRestoring, cleansing and calming “Rebirth”


A cup of herbal tea will prepare your body for the cleansing. Full body dry brushing will remove the dead skin cells and boost your circulation. Cleansing and toning lemon-parsley bath removes toxins and free radicals. A head skin massage will guide your thoughts to new horizons. Mild music and candle light will create harmony. A body scrub will rejuvenate your skin. While enjoying your nourishing body wrap the relaxing head massage will make all your worries fade away. The balancing body massage will enlighten you. Finale: another cup of herbal tea while relaxing in front of the fireplace.


“Firm Thighs”

This line of treatments is made to restore subcutaneous metabolism. Special bathes, scrubs and massages will improve your lymph and blood circulation as well as reduce cellulite. It will do miracles to your skin.

We are not using any mechanical treatments that could harm your skin permanently in Harmoonikum.

Detox-Spa – Bygones to Ruben’s Love Handles türgi saun

60 min/70€

…and the light will once again love your naked body. Hot herbal tea and hot bath will boost your blood circulation. Massaging the problematic areas with special essential oils will scare off the accumulated toxic substances from their favorite places. During the anti-cellulite wrap you will get a firming massage for the arms and the treatment will culminate with cleansing fasting tea.



This line of treatment has been developed specially for men considering their particular needs. Honey mixtures and essential oils will pamper you, reduce the stress and heart palpitations, normalize your blood pressure and restore your natural vitality.

Relaxing and calming “VSOP”


The essential ingredient of this luxurious calming and relaxing body treatment is the real cognac. The treatment will begin with the serene cognac and herbs bath, which is followed by the calming aromatic massage. It is a stress reducing treatment that results in a relaxed body and calm mind. Suitable also for impatient male spirits.

“The whale of Viimsi”

1,2 h/80€

The treatment will begin with aphrodisiac tea and honey. This is followed by the relaxing bath with cognac, honey and yarrow.

The bath treatment will be more enjoyable with the head massage that sharpens your mind and papers your curls. The following massage with essential oils reduces the stress and makes your hair shine (60 min).

For a finishing touch we offer a healthy meal made of the eggs from Harmoonikum’s happy hens Alma and Aino with the delicious slice of cake accompanied with the cup of coffee or tea.

Toning package “Soft and Fuzzy”

80.-€/1 h

Nice and masculine feeling will be achieved by the elixirs that suit exactly for male body and mind. The treatment will begin with the cognac and honey bath, followed by the aromatic massage for face and body, accompanied by the hair growth stimulating head massage. For a finishing touch a cup of aphrodisiac tea (coffee for the tough ones) and very sweet chocolate