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A human being is meant to live in harmony with nature. Treatments with fresh ingredients directly from the wild are purifying, relaxing and balancing mind and body. Herbs, honey, milk, fruits, cereals, aroma oils and many other gifts of nature, all containing necessary vitamins and minerals are all in a form that is appropriate and well-absorbed by the Human body. Cosmetic products mixed from fresh natural components are especially effective as they support natural and healthy functioning of the body.

Deepcleaning and nourishing Harmoonikum treatment  “Honey-honey”



Honey can deepclean,  nourish and moisture You skin. To get out the best of it, into facial mask some fresh pollen will be added.  Herbs like rose and lavender, birch and calendula will be in infusions to fondle you skin. Massage with natural oils and essences will give back young and nice skin!




Nourishing and moisturing Harmoonikum treatment “The birth of Venus”

50 min/ 60.- €

All freshly made cosmetics! Herbal infusion opens skin , scrub with  jogurt cleans deeply, herbs and kama helps to get free of old and used skin. Raspberry-oat  mask nourishes. Long massage with hempseed and essential oils revives beauty.  You outlook is bright and shiny again!

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Purifying Care   60.-/ 50 min

Purifying Care is our recommendation for impure skin, spots and blemishes.The skin may be the mirror of the soul, but even when our spirits are soaring it needs a little help to effectively combat impurities and prevent spots from forming. This treatment can help to make
your skin clear and pure.


Our cosmetologist helps You to chose daily products,  available to consume.