Hand and Feet

Hand spa treatment “For mouse clicker” 60 min. 35.- €ene pilt 081-w300-h400
The treatment includes exfoliation, manicure and special massage to open carpal tunnel. The hands will receive moisturising treatment, special massage relieves tendons caused by fixed position.

Hand spa treatment “Milady” 60 min. 38.-€

Hand can betrayal age and tiredness – let’s not let them! Rose bath, exfoliation, massage with “Elixir  of Eternal youth” are giving the best for the skin and tendons. Nice manicure will complite the perfection.

Foot spa treatment “High Heels” 60 min. 40.- €
The treatment includes foot bath, exfoliation and massage, which heals the tendons and softenes the skin  – it will be deeply moisturised and fed. Special reflexology massaage combined with stimulating energy meridians of the body supportes wellness of whole body. The feet feel light and restful.

Foot spa treatment “Ugri-mugri” 60 min. 40.- €
The treatment includes foot bath with special curative Estonian herbs, exfoliating, pedicure and massage, wich affectes a good way trough reflexology points all the body . As the result the feet will feel warm, light and restful. Skin is silky and soft. The mood is  overjoyed!hands-and-feet