DSC09202 copy-v-w500-h600Enjoy Real Estonian Sauna!

Estonian Sauna differes from Finnish and  Russian sauna – do not mix them.saun-2

Estonian sauna isn´t as hot as Finnish. The temperature rises up to 60-70 degrees – it is the best  for relaxation. Sweating starts easily, specially when to  throw off steam. Steam comes from hot stones heated by natural firewood, not by electricity. Then the heat is as healthy as it can ever be.

Whisking with hank is another must in Estonian Sauna. The hanks are made of different trees: birk, oak, juniper, rowan, spruce. The whisker can be your mate or helper from Harmoonikum. In Estonian Sauna, the helper is always female. She helps to wash (as in Turkish bath), she is whisker and she gives you massage. That kind of bodytreatment rises you mind up to heaven!

3 500-h600Sauna ritual ” Forest Fairies rosy whisper”

for one person 50.-/ two persons 80.-

The body will be steamed, washed and scrubed. After some cooling and drinking special sauna herbal infusion the whisking ritual is carried out. Lying on the bench the body will be treated with honey and then whisked from the neck to toetips.

Then cooling shower is offered and you can feel real nirvana – total purification of body and mind.

After treatments natural essential oils are offered for unction.


Traditional hay bath “Ugrian heeling”

1 hour: one person 50.- /two persons 90.-

This treatment starts with sweting in sauna. Then warm/hot bath with hayseeds and infusin of different herbs PageLines- spa.jpg(yarrow, ladies bedsrtow, birkleafs etc) – they all are helping to heel joints and muscle, renew hole boy.

After the bath whole body gets relaxing massage with Estonian oils and essences (hempseedoil, camelina or linseedoil with some drops of juniper, pine, geranium etc).

Now you body is ready to serv You well again.