Workshop “Genuine Estonian food” in Harmoonikum

In this workshop will be prepared several different Estonian meals: black bread, Mulgi porridge, fermented oat pudding etc. Interesting is, that all these meals are very healthy evaluated from the point of science: fermentations, wholegrain, organic and wild. Wise traditions of our ancestries. And even more – the meal was always had a meal in a special mood. You can call it meditation, prayer, yoga of eating. We will try to experience it all together.bread baking

For groups only, min 4 persons, 25.-/person







You can also order

- a guided  trip in Viimsi museums (40.- for 2 persons)

- a guided visit to art museum Kumu (50.- for 2 persons)

-guided ceremony and Ritual Meal to Holy Forest (120.- for 2-6 persons)

To make a reservation send a mail: info@harmoonikum.ee

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