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Harmoonikum giftcardsharmoonikumi kinkekaart

Amazing gift for a loved one is Harmoonikum giftcard.

We offer them in values:

Hoolitsus 20 €
Hellitus 40 €
Glamuraaž 100€


Tasty trufflestrühvel
Mouthwatering gift for yourself or a loved one

1 truffle € 1
4 truffles € 3

Real cookies


Butter-speltcookie  ‘’Hildegard’’hildegard

Ingredients: spelt flour (50%), butter (30%), sugar, egg, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon.

Price: 3.50 €
Quantity: 150 g



Honey-butter spread  ‘’Mummitaja’’mummitaja

Ingredients: Honey (50%), or (50%), flax flour, cocoa
Price: € 3
Quantity: 80g



Butter-oat cookie  ‘’Saia Lill’’saialill

Ingredients: oat flakes (60%), butter (30%), sugar, whole wheat flour, egg, marigold petals
Price: € 2
Quantity: 150 g



Seedcookie  ‘’Aatomik’’aatomik

Ingredients: sesame and sunflower seeds (40%), three-grain cereal, whole wheat flour, butter, sugar, raisins, eggs, coconut
Price: 2,5 €
Quantity: 150 g


Butter-speltcookies  ’’Mõisaproua’’ mõisaproua

Ingredients: spelt flour  and – flakes (50%), butter (30%), sugar, eggs, raisins, chocolate
Price: 2.50 €
Quantity: 150 g


Butter-graham cookie  ’’Kama 2’’kama2

Ingredients: 3-grain flakes, kama (20%), butter, sugar, whole wheat flour, egg, salt
Price: 1.50 €
Quantity: 60 g


Harmoonikum  Cereal barsphoto

Ingredients: Oatmeal, raisins, chocolate, almond, egg, honey
Price: € 1
Quantity: 1 bar



Harmoonikum  Seedbarseemnetahvel

Ingredients: oatflakes, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, eggs, maple syrup
Price: 1.20 €
Quantity: 2 bars



Harmoonikumi  Harmonyteaharmooniatee

Ingredients: Birch Leaf (cleans), marigold (heals), mint (gives vitality), meadowsweet (enhances balance, intuition and the ability to love), Japanese rose (brings luck)
Price: € 3
Quantity: 15 g