Facial workshop – organic and natural tips and techniques.

taimed 300-h400Who would not be tempted to see a youthful brilliant face in the mirror in the 40s and 50s, and more. Beauty treatments and Botox injections are too radical and dangerous to health …

The secrets of lasting youthfulness are:  facial massage and facial modeling. In addition to natural/organic cosmetics used in care, the right techniques are also helpful. Zogan massage or facial modeling stimulates lymphatic circulation and helps to smooth the skin.

This procedure can be done by everyone. You just need to know exactly what and how. Advice from an experienced instructor is very important to the beginner, because it’s possible to do a things wrong – for example, even to deepen wrinkles.

In fact, it would be wise to prevent wrinkles already before the 30th birthday. Good results can be achieved at all ages. It’s never too late to start!

Activities in workshop:
- talk about skincare like peeling,  the optimum frequency, the techniques, the substances.
- clean our face without chemicals – with best lotion made by nature. Then we make facial honey massage.
- learn the exact locations of the lymph nodes in the face area and the right massage techniques.
- talk about the principles of face lifting.
- make to disappeare double chin or slumps of cheeks, hanging eyelids or ocular "dumplings", horizontals or vertical wrinkles on the forehead.
Each participant receives a miraculous facial oil made in Harmoonikum, the "Elixir of Eternal Youth".

Workshop price: 25.- €
Workshop Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
Tutorial: health manager and organic cosmetologist Ene Lill

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Send an e-mail to info@harmoonikum.ee

P.S. We recommend you to come to the workshop without a makeup (or be ready to cleanse your face).